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What You Need to Know about Genital Wart Treatments

Also known as condylomata acuminata, these warts appear in your genital area, eMedicine Health says. People can contract the disease from someone who is already infected with the human papillomavirus.

Getting rid of the warts

There many remedies for genital warts. However, not all of them might be the perfect one for your situation and condition. One of the best options you can go for, then, are treatment creams.

Choosing treatment creams

Treatment creams are a fine option if you’re looking for a remedy for genital warts. After all, it can make for an embarrassing situation to have to set up an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist for frequent treatments. Having someone, even someone with a medical training and background, take a look at your warts isn’t a very comfortable thought. So after going to the doctor to confirm if you indeed have the disease, then opting for a cream gives you a convenient and stress-free way to get rid of genital warts. No need to worry about anyone else seeing your warts. You can treat the growths in the privacy and comfort of your home. That’s a definite advantage to going to the dermatologist until the last one disappears.

After the treatment

To make sure the treatment works, here are a few tips to remember:


  • Always remember to keep the affected areas clean. This should prevent infections from happening.
  • Refrain from scratching the affected area at all costs. Otherwise, this could result in wounds and infection. Since the warts might be itchy, you could try putting mittens on or rubbing the affected parts with cotton or cloths that won’t irritate the skin.
  • Before and after washing the affected parts, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. Warm water helps kill germs so avoid cold washing water as much as possible. For the duration of the treatment, use hot water whenever you have to wash your hands.
  • If the warts or affected areas feel uncomfortable in any way, it might be better for you to avoid sexual contact until the growths disappear.
  • To take the edge off the itchiness and discomfort, you could put cold compresses to the affected areas. This will help relieve the discomfort you feel.
  • Want to know more about treatment options and useful advice about getting rid of genital warts? Reach out to us at Waldon Research or visit our website today for more details.