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The Different Types of Genital Warts Treatment

The human papilloma virus HPV is the leading cause of genital warts, a sexually transmitted infection. Two types of  strains cause genital warts. When left untreated, HPV warts can have long term effects like cervical and vulva cancer in women. There are two types of HPV warts removal.

A Physical Invasive procedure

Here the doctor or a physician destroys the tissue of the HPV warts by heating, freezing or removing them entirely.

Topical Treatment

This method is widely used and common. It involves the application of a chemical, cream or lotion on the HPV warts. This HPV Treatment is obviously slower. A Physical invasive procedure works quickly but is often painful and can scar the patient while a topical treatment works best for non invasive removal and leaves the patient with clean un-scarred skin again. Here are points to consider when seeking HPV warts treatment.

Over The Counter Cream

Healthcare providers caution against the use of over the counter creams that are not specifically for HPV warts. An HPV treatment cream is usually engineered to be easy on the sensitive genital skin.


HPV warts treatment and pregnancy. The healthcare provider should be aware of the pregnancy and thus advise on a treatment that will not harm the pregnancy.

Research what’s right for you

There are many options for over the counter treatments on the internet today, that avoid the embarrassment of seeing a Physician, research the appropriate HPV treatment cream.Try to find a detailed explanation of the treatment, inclusive of benefits, side effect, follow up treatments and cost.

How long?

Topical HPV warts treatment and removal takes a little longer. The HPV warts will clear and heal. The treatment process may take time but the final result will be clean un-scarred skin as it was before the infection. A Topical HPV warts treatment can help you get back to where you were before the this happened.