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Take control with Somxls Genital & HPV Warts Treatment
 For your Safety, this powerful formula includes two strong active ingredients, follow the Warnings  Results may vary between Individuals.  Disclaimer 

How To Use

Our cream is simple to use.

1) Preparation of the area


Use in the Evening and morning.

Dab the skin with water.

Leave it for 3 min

Dry the area.

2) To increase Somxl ® speed

The Accelerator Cream (Product Optional)


Use morning and night once.

Penertration will increase with the Accelerator cream.

Apply a dab (size match head) rub in the cream with your fingertip for 2-3 minutes before the Somxl ®

Leave on after applying

3) How to Apply Somxl ®


Use morning and night.

Apply a dab (size match head) rub in the cream with your fingertip for 2-3 minutes.

Leave on after applying.

Safety, Please read.

The warning below relates to our cream it contains a powerful ingredient Salicylic acid to remove genital warts and you should follow the instructions.

Salicylic acid WARNING – In extremely large doses Salicylic acid can cause dizziness, headaches,  you may feel nausea and possibly tiredness. Our formula comes with full set of instructions. Make sure you follow those instructions. If maybe you think you are allergic to Salicylic acid. Consult with your Nurse or Doctor, they will give you advice on what you should do.