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Take control with Somxls Genital & HPV Warts Treatment
 Precautions – Your Safety is our first priority, this is a powerful product with two active ingredients, please read the  Warnings  Individual results may vary.  Disclaimer 


Waldon Research is the manufacturer of the Somxl genital wart remover. It is our aim to manufacture a product of the highest quality to effectively remove genital warts.

There is not a substance created that will work on a certain problem every time and it cannot said to be safe in every single case no matter how much testing is done.  People are biologically unique, everyone is different.  We can show you cases of people who have used our products with the results they wanted. However we cannot say absolutely that it was our product that caused the results they got.

We sell cosmetic formulated products that are not supposed to cure, treat, or stop any specific disease. This website displays the opinions and views of our organization. We do not give pharmaceutical or medical advice about skin conditions and we should not replace a qualified medical practitionair. The content of this website is not for curing, treating, or stopping any specific disease. You should not self-diagnosis or self-treat any conditions that could be medical. Any content related to health conditions or Cosmetics have not been looked over by the United States Food & Drug Administration.

We will not be liable for problems caused by our products incorrect use. Even if you have previously used the product before, a patch test is always a sensibile move first. We provide full instructions and you can contact us with any questions you have before using the product.