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Take control with Somxls Genital & HPV Warts Treatment
Precautions – Your Safety is our first priority, this is a genital wart treatment for men and women designed to remove genital warts at home.  It has two powerful active ingredients, please read the  Warnings  Individual results from our genital wart removal cream may vary.  Disclaimer 


Now you can remove your genital warts at home with our genital wart removal cream. A FDA certified genital wart treatment for men and women.

SOMXL® Now there is a Genital wart treatment for men and women that removes the warts and brings your skin back to new.

– Our Topical genital wart treatment formula is designed with new Dual-Action to renew the skin and destroy the warts
– Two powerful active ingrediants to remove and rejuvente.
– Treat yourself in private at your own home. No prescription required
– FDA approved. 70463-725-01
– Just 23.95 plus delivery costs



Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/11/2018
Product: Somxl

My situation was getting really bad I had left this issue for a long time. I guess I just hoped it would go away. I eventually had to do something so got Somxl. I started using it and quite soon I see the warts going dry. I had quite a lot of them cause I had left the problem. It took about 2 weeks before my skin had no trace of what I had happened. I just wanted to say to others with this issue, don’t wait it can be fixed.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/10/2018
Product: Somxl

I thought i’d never get rid of my genital warts, I had been going to my Doctor and having them burnt off for two years and they just kept coming back. My Doctor decided we needed to try something else. So she tried your treatment. It was certainly less painful and after 2 months they have not come back. Thank you guys, this is what I needed.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/10/2018
Product: Somxl

I used Somxl when I went to the clinic and that was what I was told to use after I was diagnosed with genital warts. Its a treatment that does get rid of the warts and it isnt hard on the skin in this area.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/09/2018
Product: Somxl

When your cream arrived I used it right away. I hated having these things and just wanted to be as I was. I expected maybe some burning but there was none at all and they started shrinking right from the start. I can report now that they are all gone. Thank you so much Somxl.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/09/2018
Product: Somxl

I wanted to let you know that my private area is now completely clear again like I hoped for. Your treatment cleared away all the warts and I had quite a few, maybe 20 all up. I would absolutely recommend Somxl as a remover for the problem of genital warts.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/08/2018
Product: Somxl

My MD got this treatment for me so can only comment on how well it worked on my Genital warts. I followed the instructions which were easy and the disappeared in about 10 days, no scars that I can see.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/07/2018
Product: Somxl

I’ve had lot’s of problems with other creams for genital warts because my skin is to sensitive but this cream never caused any and the warts went quite fast.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/06/2018
Product: Somxl

I would have paid double for Somxls genital wart treatment if I knew how well it would work and the results that I got. It seems very reasonably priced compared to other ones I looked at. It does what you say it does, at least in my case.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/05/2018
Product: Somxl

Im glad you contacted me to ask how I was going because I usually wouldn’t write these types of things but Im impressed with your product for genital warts and its effectiveness. You do have a great product for this.
Trusted Customer
Date of purchase: 01/04/2018
Product: Somxl

Top notch service from Somxl with regards to replying to emails, getting the cream to me and the way the cream works is great, I’m happy to say I don’t have warts anymore.

Why should you try SOMXL® Genital wart treatment for men and women ?

Clinical Strength SOMXL® Was developed for senitive skin areas where it is difficult to treat warts with lasers or acids. It targets the strains that cause Genital warts, varginal warts and anal warts. These warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (strains HPV 6 and 11). It is an effective genital wart treatment cream researched specifically for these areas and will not burn or scar. Our formulated treatment works quickley to remove the warts and bring through your clean new skin.

Is our Genital wart removal cream safe to use ?

Clinical Strenght SOMXL® most importantly is safe for you to use. Our genital wart treatment cream is fully FDA certified for the removal of warts from all areas of your body.  As a requirement for prescription medicines and OTC’s (Over The Counter) drugs and their marketing in the United States.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , requires that they are certified through the FDA with there own there own National Drug Code (NDC). SOMXL® NDC code certified by the FDA is 70463-725-01.

SOMXL® Genital wart removal cream Now for your Privacy  is available without prescription

Dual-Action – With 2 powerful Active Ingredients to remove genital warts at home.

SOMXL® Dual-Action has two primary actions when treating your warts.   First It penertrates the wart and breaks down the warts structure. Once it has destroyed the wart its second action is to renew the skin where the wart was so it is returned to the way it was before the infection.

Two powerful active ingrediants work togetaher to achieve this. The first one is Salicylic acid. Warts are comprised mostly from a protein called Keratin.  Salicylic acid dissolves Keratin when it comes into contact with it so we use Salicylic acid to break down the wart first and remove it.  It is effective in its role but it does not leave your skin the way it was.

For The best genital wart removal cream available use Somxls genital wart removal products.
We didn’t want our genital wart removal cream to stop there like many other treatments do. We knew you wanted your skin to look the same as it did before this infection took hold.

So we introduced the second active ingrediant that would increase the skins renewal,  Ozone which is 3 Oxygen atoms.   Oxygen is known for increasing the healing time of damaged skin and promoting skin renewal.  So we flood the infected area with Oxygen to bring your skin back to the way it was.

Now Plain Packaged for your Privacy. You can remove genital warts at home

We know that this is an embarrising time with this disease and you would rather treat this yourself privately. So we make that possible for you.  Our genital wart removal cream, is available online without a Doctors vistit, it is safe and FDA certified. We send it in a plain unmarked package directly to you. So you can treat yourself privately.

What do our Customers Say about our Genital wart removal cream ?

We have helped thousands of people, for over 10 years who have suffered from this disease. Most people don’t write reviews on this subject understandbly but some do. We offer a review service through Google approved independent reveiw site Feefo.com. You can read reviews or write one if you wish on their website, as we said they are independent from us and require the reviewer to prove the purchased the product, so they are real.  You will see how others have achieved postive results using Clinical strength SOMXL®  Click on the Feefo.com button below to be taken to their site. Also SOMXL® has won the “Trusted Merchant Accreditation” award from Feefo.com

Feefo.com achievements as an independent review site


Somxl ® Remove Genital warts at Home

Clinical Strength Somxl  allows you to remove genital warts at home. Thats right, no embarrsment of a clinic visit and you won’t need to talk to anyone about this. You can do this yourself in private.

With our Dual-Action treatment that first softens and dissolves the wart. Then secondly and most importantly rejuvenates the skin, you will be free of this problem once again and you will have clean healthy skin.

Safty is important, we use 2 powerful active ingrediants so follow the instructions that come with the treatment, so you can safely remove genital warts at home.

Take control with SOMXL® Genital wart treatment for men and women

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