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Genital Warts

The Side Effects of our Genital Warts and Herpes Treatment

We have a genital warts treatment that will rid you of the pain and anguish of this disease.

We understand that there are many genital warts treatments out there, and itís difficult to choose, but please read the scientifically tested principles below which prove our warts treatment is effective. It will let you understand and trust our warts treatment.

You can choose our genital warts treatment to help remove your gential warts and be healthy again.

We are so excited about this novel approach, that we believe it can be used in a wide range of medical applications, not only as a genital warts treatment.

Our researchers are working on treatments for Shingles, Intertrigo and Ringworm.

Also for your peace of mind. We offer a full money back guarantee with our gential warts treatment, so if our warts treatment does not work in your case, you can have your money back.

The Side Effects

At Waldon Research we thought it was important when developing our Bio-oxidive cream that the side effects from using our genital wart treatment cream were kept to a minimum.

- No harsh burning to rid the body of the Wart.

- No strong antibiotics with their well known side effects when fighting the Herpes Virus.

To attack the viruses we took well known natural anti-viral oils and used scientific principles to flood the oil with oxygen. As you would have read viruses (including the Wart & Herpes virus) cannot survive in a highly oxygenated state as they are an anaerobic organism.

Bio-oxodized Oils

For the Genital Wart Treatment we slowly and continuously (24 hours a day) infuse ozone from our cold plasma generator into Birch oil. Over a period of several weeks, we wind up with Bio oxidive Birch oil. After 6 weeks of ozonation, it becomes a very viscous, balm like consistency which we add to our aqueous cream.

For our Gential Herpes Treatment we repeat the the process and use an oil high in L-Lysine. L-Lysine is proven to stop the Herpes Cycle.


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