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Clinical Strength Somxl ® The Genital Warts Treatment Cream

If you need to get rid of genital warts quickly, Dual-Action,Clinical Strength Somxl ® is one of the best genital warts treatment for men and women available without prescription. Not only does our HPV warts removal cream dissolve genital warts, our Dual-Action works to repair and renew the skin so you can have clean and clear skin once again. Clinical Strength Somxl ® is a painless HPV warts treatment and can be discreetly used at home without the need for an embarrassing physician appointment.

Enjoy clear ,clean skin again with Clinical Strength Somxl ®

Clinical Strength Somxl ® has been specifically engineered as one of the best remedies for genital warts and it will leave you with clean, clear skin once again. There is no need to worry about scarring and marks left behind after using our genital wart home removal remedy. Instead our powerful Dual-Action topical cream for genital warts will leave you with clean, clear skin that is wart free. Clinical Strength Somxl ® is the best genital wart remover, it works quickly and can be applied to sensitive areas without uncomfortable burning or scarring.

FDA Certified

Clinical Strength Somxl ® is fully FDA certified and approved as an over the counter drug (OTC) in the United States. The FDA mandates that over the counter drugs have a unique National Drug Code (NDC) and ours is 70463-725-0 and it is also applicable to the MRHA in the UK.

Dual-Action for Effective Results

Some genital wart remover cream solutions simply stop at dissolving the warts but we wanted to go a step further and restore your skin. That is why our treatments for genital warts use Ozone to increase the healing of the skin and repair time. We enhanced Clinical Strength Somxl ® with the therapeutic properties of Oxygen in the form of Ozone which is 3 Oxygen atoms combined “Increased oxygen levels has been shown to lead to increased healing times and regeneration of the skin” Order the most cost effective genital wart remedy today!
  • “I have had this problem for years and I was so depressed I used to get my warts burnt off which was extremely painful and then they kept coming back which made me more depressed I decided to try something else, You can imagine how happy I was when my warts started to shrink and there wasn’t the pain I had with them being burnt off. I am completely free of warts now, my heart felt thanks.”

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    – Female
  • “I just wanted to let you know that this has been a very long journey for me, its been almost 10 year and its thanks to somxl that it is over. I had tried everything under the sun, even duct tape, your product is fantastic, thanks again.”

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    – Male
  • “My warts were gone in less than a week, this stuff is incredible.”

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    – Female